Whiter Teeth, Brighter Confidence: Dr. Dabas’ Expert Guide to Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

Whiter Teeth, Brighter Confidence: Dr. Dabas' Expert Guide to Teeth Whitening

At Dr. Dabas’s dental clinic in Gurgaon, we offer a range of teeth whitening treatments to suit your individual needs and goals. Our experienced dentists will work with you to determine the best treatment option for you and help you achieve the results you desire.

Dr. Dabas has the knowledge and resources to support you whether you want immediate teeth whitening or a more sophisticated teeth whitening procedure. Dr. Dabas offers teeth cleaning treatments in addition to teeth whitening so that you may make sure your teeth are strong and healthy before undergoing any whitening procedures.

Teeth Discoloration’s Most Common Causes

  • Dark berries
  • Beverages like Tea and Coffee
  • Tobacco or Smoking in general
  • Soda
  • Wine
  • Poor oral hygiene

Dr. Dabas offers the following care recommendations:

  • Following a teeth-whitening procedure, you could experience brief but typical sensitivity. Anti-sensitivity medications can be used to easily manage it.
  • The teeth will require touch-ups to preserve them white as they continue to age naturally and turn yellow.
  • Because they can cause long-term damage to the tooth structure, it is not advisable to use acid or coal to whiten teeth.
  • The teeth whitening procedure won’t make your present ceramic crowns or composite fillings whiter. You must replace them to change their color to match your natural teeth.

Cost of teeth whitening in Gurgaon

The type of treatment you select will affect the price of your teeth whitening procedure. The most expensive choice for teeth whitening is often in-office procedures, while the least expensive alternative is over-the-counter whitening products.

Dr. Dabas is the best option if you’re seeking a tooth whitening treatment in Gurgaon. Their teeth whitening procedure is customized for each patient, ensuring that you receive the finest results possible based on your requirements and situation.

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