Providing High-Quality Dental Care
Healthy And Happy Smiles For Your Family
A Comfortable Experience With Modern Technology
Providing High-Quality Dental Care
Healthy And Happy Smiles For Your Family
A Comfortable Experience With Modern Technology
Providing High-Quality Dental Care
Healthy And Happy Smiles For Your Family
A Comfortable Experience With Modern Technology
Providing High-Quality Dental Care
Healthy And Happy Smiles For Your Family
A Comfortable Experience With Modern Technology

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    Instant Teeth🦷 Whitening by a Professional Dentist at Dr Dabas in Gurgaon

    The technology used for teeth cleaning and whitening is now faster, safer, and more effective. In-store whitening products have flooded the market in a huge variety. So, if you have a special event coming up or just need teeth whitening treatment, you can choose the instant whitening procedures that are available at your dentist’s office.Teeth whitening in our office is significantly more potent and effective than temporary whitening substances available at your local medical shop.Our dentist’s clinic guarantees that teeth whitening procedures will whiten your teeth by at least a few shades. The level of your teeth’s discoloration will decide how many treatments you’ll need to get them totally white.

    Discoloration’s Most Common Causes

    Because there are so many causes of tooth discolouration, we’ll just go through a few of the more prevalent ones:

    • Dark berries🫐
    • Tea☕
    • Tobacco
    • Coffee🍵
    • Soda
    • Wine🍷
    • Poor oral hygiene (or smoking🚬 in general)
    Teeth whitening services in Gurgaon for immediate results

    Your dentist can recommend specific or professional teeth whitening treatment, such as taking an impression of your teeth to create a personalized whitening tray or performing an in-office whitening procedure. Usually, an in-office dental whitening procedure necessitates multiple visits. Depending on how long your dentist believes is ideal, a visit can last anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes. Your dentist might consider one or multiple visits of teeth whitening treatments with a light or laser to bring the desired effects.

    Once your dentist has performed professional teeth whitening, you may keep your smile bright by using an at-home, over-the-counter solution. Professional instant teeth whitening in Gurgaon is usually a quick process and more efficient than over-the-counter options. The standard process of in-office dental whitening treatment is as follows:

    • Your gums are covered in a gel by your dentist to shield them from the bleaching agent.
    • Your eight front teeth are then bleached using intense hydrogen peroxide.
    • To maximize the whitening impact, the dentist puts a special light on your teeth.
    • Your teeth may look eight to ten shades whiter after an hour, as desired.

    Dr Dabas is the only dental clinic you need to contact if you’re looking for dental whitening treatments in Gurgaon. With years of experience in the field, Dr Dabas is a trusted name in dental care and has helped numerous patients achieve a brighter, more confident smile.

    Whether you’re looking for instant teeth whitening or a more professional teeth whitening procedure, Dr Dabas has the expertise and tools to help. In addition to teeth whitening, Dr Dabas also offers teeth cleaning services to ensure that your teeth are healthy and strong before undergoing any whitening treatment.

    The teeth whitening procedure at Dr Dabas’ clinic is safe, effective, and affordable, making it accessible to patients from all walks of life. The clinic uses state-of-the-art technology to provide quick and efficient results, with minimal discomfort or side effects.

    If you’re looking for a smile teeth whitening treatment in Gurgaon, Dr Dabas is the right choice. Their teeth whitening treatment is tailored to each individual patient, ensuring that you get the best possible results based on your unique needs and circumstances.

    In addition to their teeth whitening services, Dr Dabas offers a range of other dental treatments, including cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics, and oral surgery. With a team of experienced and friendly staff, you can trust Dr Dabas to provide the highest quality dental care in Gurgaon.

    So if you’re ready to transform your smile and boost your confidence, schedule an appointment with Dr Dabas today. They offer a range of teeth whitening services and treatments to help you achieve the bright, beautiful smile you’ve always wanted.

    Things to consider at the Teeth Whitening Dentist’s office:

    When teeth are whitened, chemicals are employed to dissolve the stains and pigments, giving the appearance of lighter-coloured teeth. It can be carried out at home or in a dental office but is recommended only with a doctor’s supervision. Additionally, bear in mind the following:

    • After teeth whitening treatment, you may experience temporary but common sensitivity. Anti-sensitivity agents can be applied to manage it with ease.
    • Due to the natural ageing process, the teeth continue to yellow and will need touch-ups to keep them white.
    • It is not advised to use coal or acid to whiten teeth because they can harm the tooth structure permanently.
    • Your current composite fillings or ceramic crowns will not get whiter as a result of the teeth whitening treatment. To make them match the colour of your natural teeth, you must replace them.
    • While there are several teeth-whitening products on the market, your dentist will know which one is ideal for you. If you see a sharp edge, a crack, or a missing section of the composite filling in your tooth, call your dentist right once to schedule an inspection.

    However, you still have to consider the after-treatment precautions that your dentist recommends. And remember, that it is not a permanent procedure, so you might have to take teeth whitening treatment as and when you desire.

    Teeth whitening aims to remove stains and damage that have built up over time due to the use of certain foods and beverages. If you have any questions regarding instant teeth whitening, then please call our office at 9319339475.

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