Whiter Teeth, Brighter Confidence: Dr. Dabas’ Expert Guide to Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

Whiter Teeth, Brighter Confidence: Dr. Dabas' Expert Guide to Teeth Whitening

At Dr. Dabas’s dental clinic in Gurgaon, we offer a range of teeth whitening treatments to suit your individual needs and goals. Our experienced dentists will work with you to determine the best treatment option for you and help you achieve the results you desire.

Dr. Dabas has the knowledge and resources to support you whether you want immediate teeth whitening or a more sophisticated teeth whitening procedure. Dr. Dabas offers teeth cleaning treatments in addition to teeth whitening so that you may make sure your teeth are strong and healthy before undergoing any whitening procedures.

Teeth Discoloration’s Most Common Causes

  • Dark berries
  • Beverages like Tea and Coffee
  • Tobacco or Smoking in general
  • Soda
  • Wine
  • Poor oral hygiene

Dr. Dabas offers the following care recommendations:

  • Following a teeth-whitening procedure, you could experience brief but typical sensitivity. Anti-sensitivity medications can be used to easily manage it.
  • The teeth will require touch-ups to preserve them white as they continue to age naturally and turn yellow.
  • Because they can cause long-term damage to the tooth structure, it is not advisable to use acid or coal to whiten teeth.
  • The teeth whitening procedure won’t make your present ceramic crowns or composite fillings whiter. You must replace them to change their color to match your natural teeth.

Cost of teeth whitening in Gurgaon

The type of treatment you select will affect the price of your teeth whitening procedure. The most expensive choice for teeth whitening is often in-office procedures, while the least expensive alternative is over-the-counter whitening products.

Dr. Dabas is the best option if you’re seeking a tooth whitening treatment in Gurgaon. Their teeth whitening procedure is customized for each patient, ensuring that you receive the finest results possible based on your requirements and situation.

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    Dental Braces clinic in Gurgaon – Dr Dabas Dental Clinic

    Dental Braces clinic in Gurgaon - Dr Dabas Dental Clinic

    What Is Dental Braces ?

    Dental braces, also known as orthodontic braces, are devices used by orthodontists to straighten and align teeth. They are commonly used to correct various dental issues such as crooked teeth, overcrowding, gaps between teeth, and misaligned bites (underbite, overbite, crossbite).

    Braces consist of brackets, wires, and bands. The brackets are attached to the teeth using a special dental adhesive, while the archwire connects the brackets and applies pressure to move the teeth into their desired positions. Elastic bands, known as ligatures or o-rings, are used to hold the wire onto the brackets.

    Benefits Of Dental Braces

    Dental braces offer several benefits for individuals who require orthodontic treatment. Here are some of the key advantages of getting dental braces:

    Teeth Alignment: The primary benefit of braces is to align and straighten crooked or misaligned teeth. By applying gentle and consistent pressure, braces gradually move the teeth into their correct positions, improving their appearance and overall alignment.

    Improved Bite: Braces can correct bite problems, including underbite, overbite, crossbite, and open bite. By properly aligning the teeth and jaws, braces can improve the functionality of the bite, allowing for better chewing and speech.

    Enhanced Oral Health: Straightening misaligned teeth with braces makes oral hygiene more manageable. Properly aligned teeth are easier to clean, as toothbrushes and floss can reach all surfaces effectively. This reduces the risk of dental issues such as tooth decay, gum disease, and plaque buildup.

    Enhanced Confidence and Self-Esteem: Many people feel self-conscious about their crooked or misaligned teeth. Braces can significantly improve the appearance of the smile, leading to increased self-confidence and higher self-esteem. Having a straight, beautiful smile can positively impact social interactions and overall well-being.

    Preventive Benefits: Correcting dental issues with braces can have long-term preventive benefits. For example, aligning teeth can help prevent excessive wear and tear on specific teeth, reduce the risk of dental injuries, and alleviate strain on the jaw joint (temporomandibular joint or TMJ).

    Facial Symmetry: Braces can contribute to improving facial aesthetics by aligning the teeth and jaws. Properly aligned teeth can enhance the symmetry and balance of the face, resulting in a more harmonious overall appearance.

    Long-Term Investment: Orthodontic treatment with braces is an investment in long-term dental health. By addressing dental issues early on, you can potentially avoid more extensive and costly dental procedures later in life.

    It’s important to note that the specific benefits of dental braces may vary depending on individual circumstances and the severity of the dental issues being addressed. Consulting with an orthodontist is essential to determine if braces are suitable for your situation and to understand the potential benefits you can expect to achieve.

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      Dental Implants – Dr Dabas Dental Clinic

      dental implant gurgaon

      Dental Implants – Dr Dabas Dental Clinic

      What is Dental Implants?

      Dental implants are a type of dental restoration that is used to replace missing teeth. They are designed to mimic the natural structure of a tooth, consisting of an artificial tooth root and a crown.

      The dental implant itself is a small, titanium post that is surgically inserted into the jawbone. Titanium is commonly used because it is biocompatible, meaning it can fuse with the surrounding bone through a process called osseointegration. This integration provides a stable foundation for the dental implant.

      What Is The Best Age For Dental Implants?

      The ideal age for dental implants can vary depending on individual factors, such as the overall oral health, jawbone development, and the specific needs of the patient. Dental implants are a popular and effective solution for replacing missing teeth, and they can be considered at different stages of life. Here are some general guidelines regarding the best age for dental implants:

      Fully Developed Jawbone: The jawbone should be fully developed before dental implants are placed. Jawbone development typically occurs during adolescence, around the ages of 16 to 18 in females and 18 to 21 in males. It’s important for the jawbone to be mature enough to support the dental implant and ensure long-term stability.

      Stabilized Oral Health: Before considering dental implants, it’s crucial to have a healthy oral environment. Existing dental issues, such as gum disease or tooth decay, should be addressed and treated beforehand to minimize the risk of complications with the implants. Good oral hygiene practices and regular dental check-ups are essential to maintain optimal oral health.

      Post-Growth Stability: While dental implants can be placed in adults of any age, it’s generally recommended to wait until growth and development have stabilized. This ensures that the positioning and alignment of the implants remain unchanged as the facial structures settle.

      Individual Considerations: Each patient’s case is unique, and there may be circumstances where dental implants are appropriate at an earlier or later age. Factors such as bone density, overall health, and specific dental needs should be taken into account when determining the optimal timing for dental implant placement.

      It’s important to consult with a dental professional, such as a prosthodontist or oral surgeon, who specializes in dental implants. They will evaluate your oral health, review your medical history, and conduct a thorough examination to determine the best timing and suitability of dental implants for your specific situation. They can provide personalized advice and recommendations based on your unique needs and goals.

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        Can adults get braces? Answers from dental braces clinic in Gurgaon

        Dental braces for adult

        Are you in a situation where you feel you should have visited that dental clinic during your teens had you not been afraid of getting braces? Or that you never really got the chance.
        Well, it is never too late to go see an orthodontist, and interestingly you can still get those braces as an adult. We, here at Dr Dabas, the best dental braces clinic in Sec 56, Gurgaon, serve the best treatment for all your orthodontic concerns. Many people believe that braces are only for children and teenagers, but adults can also benefit from orthodontic treatment.

        If you have misaligned teeth or a poorly aligned jaw, braces can help improve your oral health and give you a straighter, more attractive smile. While considering getting braces as an adult, there are a few things to keep in mind:

        1. Cost: One must go through all the options available to find what makes the cut. The cost of braces can vary depending on the type of braces and the length of treatment. Traditional or ceramic dental braces cost in Gurgaon lies somewhere around INR 30,000 – 40,000 and, invisible braces cost in Gurgaon is about INR 1,00,000. You can visit our dental braces clinic in Sec 56, Gurgaon.

        2. Treatment time: As an adult, you will have to prepare for a longer treatment time, considering the anatomy of the adult jaw, the bones are no longer in a course of growing themselves which can make them more resistant to change. Orthodontic treatment can take anywhere from a few months to years, depending on the severity of the misalignment and the types of braces used.

        3. Lifestyle Changes: You will have to be more diligent about your oral hygiene after getting braces. Wearing braces will involve lifestyle changes, such as limiting some foods during treatment, and being adept at aftercare to avoid causing damage to the braces or tooth decay. You must clean and maintain, and floss at least once a day to get rid of food particles and plaque from the small gaps between the wires of the brackets of your braces.

        4. Aesthetic Concerns: As adults, most of us do not like the idea of flashy braces that would attract our eyes to us. So, look for options that suit your taste. Ceramic and clear braces are more aesthetically pleasing options to self-conscious people.

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          However, it is vital to first consult an orthodontist to determine if braces would be an appropriate solution for your specific case and to discuss the treatment options that would be available. With the help of one of the best orthodontists in Gurgaon, Dr Ashish Dabas, your process of getting braces at the best dental braces clinic in GurgaonDr Dabas Dental Clinic, will become smoother and much easier.

          To know the dental braces cost and invisible braces cost in Gurgaon, call us at +91-9319339475.

          Dental Crown and Bridge treatment

          If you are missing one or more teeth or have them damaged, your dentist might advise getting
          artificial replacements. While both, dental implants and bridges with crowns attached work more
          closely to real teeth.

          Which alternative, however, between crown implants and bridges is best for you?

          We will break down the similarities, differences, benefits, and drawbacks of these two fixed false tooth
          solutions so that, even if you have a few false teeth, your smile will look as genuine as possible.

          Crown and Bridge vs Implant

          A dental restoration known as a crown or cap covers the visible tooth surface to strengthen or
          beautify the tooth. A dental treatment called a bridge is used to replace one or more lost teeth. It
          consists of a false tooth or teeth attached to crowns on either side to provide support. Crowns and
          bridges come in a variety of materials and are meant to mimic the natural strength and contour of

          A dental crown can be used to cover a person’s broken or rotting tooth or to replace a lost tooth by
          placing it on top of a dental implant. Dental implants are surgically anchored metal fixtures that are
          placed in your jawbone below the gum line.

          Bridges are only used to replace lost teeth. They have a bridge of replacement teeth that rests in the
          gum tissue where the missing teeth were, and two crowns, one on each end. The bridge’s end
          crowns can be bonded to neighbouring teeth or fixed to dental implants by your dentist.

          An implant is a fake tooth that is fastened to a titanium post that your dentist places in your
          jawbone. Implants have a very realistic appearance. Additionally, dental implants assist in halting the
          loss of jawbone density. When teeth are lost or removed, the jawbone shrinks over time, changing
          the way our face looks and how we smile. When a new tooth is used to bite and eat, the implanted
          tooth stimulates the jawbone, helping to prevent bone loss.

          Whichever choice for a replacement tooth works best for you based on crown and bridge before and
          after, can help you keep your dental health.

          Your other teeth may start to rotate or move into empty spaces as a result of gaps in areas of loss,
          which can lead to a poor bite. Crowns and bridges can last a lifetime with proper dental hygiene.
          Visit Dr Dabas and get the best crown bridge teeth price to restore the damaged teeth and get your
          smile in the best shape.



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