Why do you need dental implants?

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Different types of dental implants are artificial tooth replacements that are affixed to the jawbone. The procedure is carried out by a qualified dentist in a setting with the necessary dental tools. By doing this, health hazards are reduced and your safety is guaranteed. For people wishing to improve their smile, dental implants are a great option. However, its benefits go beyond enhancing aesthetically pleasing appearances.

Why do you need Dental Implants?

1. One or more of your teeth are missing.
You no longer need to feel humiliated about your tooth problem, whether you are missing one tooth or several. Considering there is no risk of dental implants, we at Dr Dabas are here to support you. For people wondering if is there any alternative to dental implants, we would like to add that dental implants are a fantastic way to address your missing tooth issue. A dental implant will close the gap and match the rest of your smile’s natural appearance. In contrast to your natural smile, you won’t have to worry about it being out of place.

2. You wear partials or dentures that are loose.
There are so many people who experience loose partials and dentures. It is unfortunate that people must go through this, especially when there are other solutions available. Dentures that progressively become loose might be fixed by zero risk of dental implants. The implants will mimic your natural teeth in both appearance and feel. There is no longer a need to endure the numerous issues that losing dentures might bring about.

3. You must get your tooth out since it has grown infected.
If a tooth becomes infected, it can either be removed or preserved using specific methods. The numerous advantages and disadvantages of dental implants might be able to enlighten you that if your infection is too severe, then the tooth cannot be saved. Your new tooth will be the dental implant after the infected tooth is extracted. Like your natural teeth, they will be strong and resilient. The best part about having dental implants is that there is minimal post-treatment care for dental implants.

4. Your face appears to be sunken in.
Why do the mouth and chin areas of people wearing dentures appear sunken in?

This is usually because dentures do not stimulate the jawbone to promote the rebuilding of important tissue. As a result, the jaw disregards the fact that you are wearing dentures and continues to lose bone as you grow older.

Dental implants are the answer to this issue. No matter the type of dental implants, they stimulate the jawbone, so your smile won’t appear any different, and your implants won’t appear out of place.

6. You’re tired of handling sticky dental adhesives and denture maintenance.
If you have ever worn dentures, you are familiar with the situation where you remove them for cleaning and occasionally use denture adhesives to keep them in place. For most individuals, this doesn’t sound like much fun

With zero risk of dental implants, they are the greatest choice for those who don’t want to deal with dirty denture adhesives and who want a more practical solution for dental maintenance. You don’t need to follow post-treatment care for dental implants differently than you now do. That is because you maintain the implants in the same manner as you maintain your natural teeth—by brushing and flossing twice a day.

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