Mistakes You Must Avoid During the Visit for Dental Implants to the ‘dental clinic near me’ 

All on 4 dental implants have emerged as a popular choice for those who seek implant treatment. This specific dental implant involves the method of replacing a whole row with four dental implants. Yes! The process is as amazing as it sounds.

However, if one is opting “for all on four” dental implants, the patient must be aware of some mistakes to avoid. This article explores the most important ones among them. Keep reading to know more.

If the person can opt for all on 4 or not

The most appealing factor related to all-on-four is the magical tiny number’4′. Since the entire work of implantation is done by inserting only four implants, it works as a great time and money saver. If one is seeking the maximum outcome against the minimum most work in a one-liner, this is the perfect alternative.

However, its suitability depends on the condition of the patient.  There are specific must-meet criteria for all-on-4.

  • The patient must have adequate bone in the front jawbone.
  • Lack of quality bone in the molar region.
  • The patient wants implants that can be loaded immediately.

So, to make the implantation successful, one must check with his/her dentist near me to avail the best results.

Forgetting the fact that all-on-four is a one-size-fits-all solution

As said before, all-on-4 has certain criteria. So, taking it as a universal solution is indeed a huge mistake! Lifestyle, age, and type of bone matter a lot when it comes to finding out the best fit implant for a patient. It’s vital to keep this in mind before proceeding with this particular type of implant.

Miss Researching about the brand

It’s a common tendency of most people to cut costs by picking up dentists without prior research. While looking for dental implants at a ‘dental clinic near me, they must read their profile, and services offered, and review them online. Dental care is crucial for health and confidence and never ever compromise on quality. So before picking a dentist, inquire about the following-

  • Are they implanting quality products?
  • Chances of mouth infection from poor quality.
  • Chances of getting the product damages because of problems with the durability parameters.

Get Your Implants Done From Specialists in the field

It is important to note that all-on-4 is a complicated surgical procedure. Improper insertion might cause further complications, loss of money, and distort the looks. Also, not all dental clinics provide all-on-4 treatment. Dr Nupur Dabas the co-founder of Dr Dabas clinic is a Dental Implant specialist herself. She has rehabilitated more than 1000 patients with Dental Implants. Dr Dabas Dental Clinic is a renowned dental clinic in sec-56 Gurgaon that provides all kinds of dental services and treatments with world-class infrastructure and gentle and polite staff.


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