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Even though you brush and floss daily to avoid cavities, tooth decay can still occur. Thankfully, cavities are simple to fix, while dental fillings are used to repair decay-damaged teeth’s structural integrity. But not every tooth filling is the same! Different types of dental filling materials are used in their construction, some of which are better for your mouth than others.

While applying the ideal tooth filling, the cavity-affected area of your tooth is cleaned and removed, and then a filling is applied to fill the hole or empty space left behind. In order to address cavities and decay, both temporary and permanent tooth filling materials are frequently employed. There are different types of dental fillings with distinct advantages best suited for patients who have cavities, and some of them include:

Composite Fillings

Acrylic resin and glass are used to create composite fillings. Composite filling materials are made specifically to closely resemble the teeth being filled and are tooth-coloured fillings. The composite material adheres directly to the tooth structure, giving the broken tooth additional support and strength.

Porcelain Ceramic Fillings

Porcelain is a component of ceramic fillings, making them strong and beautiful. Although ceramic fillings are more expensive, many people are willing to spend more for dental fillings that are aesthetically beautiful, stain-resistant, and safe.

Gold Fillings

With the right maintenance, gold fillings are extremely durable, non-corrosive, and can last up to 15 years. Nevertheless, they are significantly more expensive than silver amalgam fillings and need more than one dentist appointment to be properly placed.

Although it may be tempting to ignore a minor cavity in your mouth, cavities can seriously harm your dental health and have a number of adverse effects that can be fatal. If a cavity is not addressed, bear in mind that there may be serious pain and suffering from the rotting tooth, tooth abscess, difficulty eating, tooth loss, gingivitis, and gum disease.

The danger is not worthwhile!

Your oral health can be maintained, and your tooth can be saved with a permanent tooth filling material.

The ideal permanent tooth filling materials for your mouth depend on the state of your teeth, your preferences, and other considerations; there is no right or wrong answer for everyone. The top-notch staff at Dr Dabas is here to assist you in weighing your options and choosing the best course of action from the different types of dental fillings to restore the health of your teeth.

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