Wisdom tooth extraction recovery

Wisdom tooth extraction recovery

The final teeth to erupt in your mouth are your back molars, which are also referred to as wisdom teeth. They normally come in the age from 17 to 21 on the top and bottom of both sides. Many
people lack the space in their jaws to fit wisdom teeth without also having to move their other teeth. This could result in several issues. Your dentist will probably advise a procedure or surgery to remove them if this occurs to you. The surgical and non-surgical wisdom tooth extraction recovery period following wisdom tooth removal can last up to a week, depending on your circumstances.

On the day of your procedure

The removal of wisdom teeth is an outpatient procedure, so you enter and leave the facility on the
same day. You will probably awaken in the dentist’s chair if you undergo a procedure while under local
anaesthetic. As you undergo surgical or non-surgical wisdom tooth extraction recovery, your mouth
will gradually start to feel normal again. You will receive instructions on how and when to use
prescription or over-the-counter medications.

Long-term healing

The average surgical or non-surgical wisdom tooth extraction recovery is three to four days. It can
take a week to heal if your teeth were impacted or erupted at an odd angle.

However, you can still get infected weeks after surgery since the surgical wound would not heal entirely
for several months. So, take care of yourself and be alert for any warning symptoms.

Do’s and Don’ts after wisdom tooth extraction 

The day after wisdom tooth extraction, you can go back to your routine, but you should avoid any
activity that might disturb your stitches or the blood clot covering your wound. This comprises, but is
not restricted to:
 Vigorous activity
 Smoking, spitting, and straw-drinking

Side effects of wisdom tooth extraction

After wisdom teeth extraction, some discomfort, swelling, and bleeding in the area is typical.
However, if you are experiencing severe pain or bleeding, you should call your dentist right once.

By the third day following surgical or non-surgical wisdom tooth extraction recovery, your symptoms
ought to be significantly better. Within a week, all discomfort and bleeding should be gone. Some
issues might be symptoms of an infection or nerve injury.

To prevent infections and problems, you must take proper care of your mouth when you come
home. You will receive detailed instructions from your dentist or oral surgeon on how to properly clean
and care for your mouth following surgery. This may be the one occasion when your dentist instructs
you to skip a day of brushing, rinsing, and flossing.

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