What is the most appropriate age for children to get braces?

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Children and parents are faced with a big decision when it comes to getting braces. In addition to improving the alignment of teeth and jaws, braces can also improve oral health and overall self-confidence. When should children receive braces? The following guide will assist parents in making an informed decision:

Early orthodontic treatment:

Orthodontic treatment at an early age, also known as an interceptive treatment, may be beneficial for some children. A brace or other appliance is typically used between the ages of 7 and 10 to correct bite and alignment issues before they become more severe. Early orthodontic treatment can prevent the need for future orthodontic treatment that is more extensive.

Teenage Years:

The most common time for orthodontic treatment with braces is during the teenage years. Most of the permanent teeth have come in at this age, and the jaw is still growing. With the help of braces, crowded or crooked teeth can be corrected, as well as bite issues such as overbite, underbite, and crossbite.

Adult orthodontics:

Many adults also benefit from orthodontic treatment, although braces are most commonly associated with teenagers. There has been an increase in the number of adults getting braces in recent years. An adult orthodontic specialist can assist patients with dental problems that were not addressed earlier in life. These problems may have developed over time as a result of aging, injury, or other circumstances.

Ultimately, the appropriate age for kids to receive braces is determined by their individual circumstances. During a consultation with an orthodontist, the appropriate time for orthodontic treatment can be determined based on the child’s age, dental history, and other factors. Children of all ages can benefit from braces, which can improve their oral health and boost their self-confidence, resulting in a lifetime of happy, healthy smiles.

What is the appropriate age for braces?

There can be a wide range of appropriate ages for braces, depending on individual circumstances. The ideal age for orthodontic treatment with braces is typically between 11 and 14 years of age. During this period, the permanent teeth have emerged, but the jaw is still developing.

All ages can benefit from braces, however. Depending on the specific needs of the individual, orthodontic treatment may be recommended earlier or later. Some children may benefit from early intervention to address bite and alignment issues, while adults may require more extensive treatment to correct long-standing dental conditions.

A consultation with an orthodontist is necessary before deciding whether to get braces. Depending on your age, dental history, and other factors, an orthodontist can assess your specific needs and recommend the most appropriate course of treatment.

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    Common Symptoms of Tooth Decay

    Tooth Decay image

    Tooth decay, also known as dental caries is a common and preventable oral health condition that takes place when bacteria present in the mouth produce acids which attack the tooth enamel. Tooth decay can lead to serious problems like pain, infections, and tooth loss if left untreated.

    You must get dental check-ups once in a while to prevent or get an early diagnosis of possible underlying issues. Visit the best dental clinic in Gurgaon at Dr Dabas where the top dentists in Gurgaon, Dr Ashish Dabas and Dr Nupur Dabas are there to aid and treat you.

    People of all ages are prone to tooth decay. The most common symptoms of tooth decay can include:

    1. Pain or Sensitivity: Experiencing pain or sensitivity while consuming hot/cold foods and drinks is one of the first signs. This indicates that tooth enamel has been damaged by acids produced by bacteria in the mouth

    2. Visible holes or pits: As tooth decay progresses, it can cause visible holes or pits to form on the surface of the teeth. These holes, also known as cavities, can be seen when looking in the mouth and may be visible to the naked eye or may require a dental examination for detection. We are the best dental clinic in Gurgaon to perform dental fillings.

    3. Discoloration: Tooth decay can also cause discolouration of the teeth, resulting in dark spots or stains on the surface of the teeth. This again indicates damage to the enamel. Our dentist clinic in Gurgaon provides teeth whitening services to combat this.

    4. Pain or discomfort when biting or chewing: As tooth decay progresses, it can cause pain or discomfort while eating. This may cause interference with your daily activities.

    5. Swelling or tenderness in gums: In advanced stages of tooth decay, the infection can spread to the gums and cause swelling or tenderness. This can be a sign of an abscess, which is a serious infection that requires immediate treatment. . At Dr Dabas, dental clinic in Gurgaon, we provide full oral examinations.

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      If you experience any of these symptoms, we advise you to book an appointment with us at Dr Dabas dental clinic in Gurgaon, as early diagnosis and treatment can help prevent the progression of tooth decay and preserve the health of your teeth and gums.

      Here at Dr Dabas, dental clinic in Gurgaon, other than Gum treatment and Dental Fillings, we also provide services such as dental braces, implants, wisdom teeth and many more. To get an examination, contact our office at +91 9319339475 for more information. Experience the best services at our dentist clinic in Gurgaon.

      Can adults get braces? Answers from dental braces clinic in Gurgaon

      Dental braces for adult

      Are you in a situation where you feel you should have visited that dental clinic during your teens had you not been afraid of getting braces? Or that you never really got the chance.
      Well, it is never too late to go see an orthodontist, and interestingly you can still get those braces as an adult. We, here at Dr Dabas, the best dental braces clinic in Sec 56, Gurgaon, serve the best treatment for all your orthodontic concerns. Many people believe that braces are only for children and teenagers, but adults can also benefit from orthodontic treatment.

      If you have misaligned teeth or a poorly aligned jaw, braces can help improve your oral health and give you a straighter, more attractive smile. While considering getting braces as an adult, there are a few things to keep in mind:

      1. Cost: One must go through all the options available to find what makes the cut. The cost of braces can vary depending on the type of braces and the length of treatment. Traditional or ceramic dental braces cost in Gurgaon lies somewhere around INR 30,000 – 40,000 and, invisible braces cost in Gurgaon is about INR 1,00,000. You can visit our dental braces clinic in Sec 56, Gurgaon.

      2. Treatment time: As an adult, you will have to prepare for a longer treatment time, considering the anatomy of the adult jaw, the bones are no longer in a course of growing themselves which can make them more resistant to change. Orthodontic treatment can take anywhere from a few months to years, depending on the severity of the misalignment and the types of braces used.

      3. Lifestyle Changes: You will have to be more diligent about your oral hygiene after getting braces. Wearing braces will involve lifestyle changes, such as limiting some foods during treatment, and being adept at aftercare to avoid causing damage to the braces or tooth decay. You must clean and maintain, and floss at least once a day to get rid of food particles and plaque from the small gaps between the wires of the brackets of your braces.

      4. Aesthetic Concerns: As adults, most of us do not like the idea of flashy braces that would attract our eyes to us. So, look for options that suit your taste. Ceramic and clear braces are more aesthetically pleasing options to self-conscious people.

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        However, it is vital to first consult an orthodontist to determine if braces would be an appropriate solution for your specific case and to discuss the treatment options that would be available. With the help of one of the best orthodontists in Gurgaon, Dr Ashish Dabas, your process of getting braces at the best dental braces clinic in GurgaonDr Dabas Dental Clinic, will become smoother and much easier.

        To know the dental braces cost and invisible braces cost in Gurgaon, call us at +91-9319339475.

        Why do you need dental implants?

        Dental implants image

        Different types of dental implants are artificial tooth replacements that are affixed to the jawbone. The procedure is carried out by a qualified dentist in a setting with the necessary dental tools. By doing this, health hazards are reduced and your safety is guaranteed. For people wishing to improve their smile, dental implants are a great option. However, its benefits go beyond enhancing aesthetically pleasing appearances.

        Why do you need Dental Implants?

        1. One or more of your teeth are missing.
        You no longer need to feel humiliated about your tooth problem, whether you are missing one tooth or several. Considering there is no risk of dental implants, we at Dr Dabas are here to support you. For people wondering if is there any alternative to dental implants, we would like to add that dental implants are a fantastic way to address your missing tooth issue. A dental implant will close the gap and match the rest of your smile’s natural appearance. In contrast to your natural smile, you won’t have to worry about it being out of place.

        2. You wear partials or dentures that are loose.
        There are so many people who experience loose partials and dentures. It is unfortunate that people must go through this, especially when there are other solutions available. Dentures that progressively become loose might be fixed by zero risk of dental implants. The implants will mimic your natural teeth in both appearance and feel. There is no longer a need to endure the numerous issues that losing dentures might bring about.

        3. You must get your tooth out since it has grown infected.
        If a tooth becomes infected, it can either be removed or preserved using specific methods. The numerous advantages and disadvantages of dental implants might be able to enlighten you that if your infection is too severe, then the tooth cannot be saved. Your new tooth will be the dental implant after the infected tooth is extracted. Like your natural teeth, they will be strong and resilient. The best part about having dental implants is that there is minimal post-treatment care for dental implants.

        4. Your face appears to be sunken in.
        Why do the mouth and chin areas of people wearing dentures appear sunken in?

        This is usually because dentures do not stimulate the jawbone to promote the rebuilding of important tissue. As a result, the jaw disregards the fact that you are wearing dentures and continues to lose bone as you grow older.

        Dental implants are the answer to this issue. No matter the type of dental implants, they stimulate the jawbone, so your smile won’t appear any different, and your implants won’t appear out of place.

        6. You’re tired of handling sticky dental adhesives and denture maintenance.
        If you have ever worn dentures, you are familiar with the situation where you remove them for cleaning and occasionally use denture adhesives to keep them in place. For most individuals, this doesn’t sound like much fun

        With zero risk of dental implants, they are the greatest choice for those who don’t want to deal with dirty denture adhesives and who want a more practical solution for dental maintenance. You don’t need to follow post-treatment care for dental implants differently than you now do. That is because you maintain the implants in the same manner as you maintain your natural teeth—by brushing and flossing twice a day.

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          Why choose Dr DabasThebest dental implant clinic in Gurgaon
          With a budget-friendly cost of dental implants in Gurgaon, our dentists may advise on how to deal with teeth grinding or clenching during the day as well.

          All things considered, a dental implant will offer long-lasting strength and endurance to last for the foreseeable future. You can still enjoy your favourite meals without any hesitation if you have dental implants!
          Call us right away at 9319339475 to set up your consultation appointment if you’re having issues chewing your meals or have missing teeth.

          Best tips for healthy teeth and gums

          Tooth and gums image

          When it comes to the health of your mouth, it’s not just about how straight your teeth are or how beautiful your smile is. Gum disease can still harm you even if you have the healthiest teeth and no cavities.

          Maintaining healthy teeth is a lifetime commitment. This involves following your regular regimen and using the proper oral care items, such as:

          1. Always clean your teeth before bed.
          It is generally recommended to wash your teeth at least twice a day. Especially, cleaning your teeth before bedtime gets rid of the plaque and germs that have gathered during the day.

          2. Properly brush
          Cleaning your teeth improperly is almost as bad as not brushing at all. Spend some time carefully brushing your teeth in circular motion with the toothbrush to remove plaque.

          3. Pay attention to your tongue
          Plaque could also form on your tongue. Along with bad breath, this may also result in a number of dental health complications. Clean your tongue in light strokes after each time you brush your teeth.

          4. Use toothpaste with fluoride.
          Whatever version of toothpaste you choose, make sure fluoride is present which is the key element of dental health. Fluoride has a significant role to play in preventing tooth decay. It works by getting rid of the microorganisms that can lead to tooth decay and by protecting your teeth.

          5. Give flossing the same weight as brushing
          Food crumbs or veggies that may have become stuck between your teeth were removed during flossing. It primarily works to stimulate gum tissue, reduce plaque accumulation, and help diminish localised sensitivity.

          6. Consume extra water.
          Water is the best beverage for the entire body, including your mouth. This can assist in washing off some of the negative effects of sticky and acidic foods and beverages in between brushing.

          7. Give up smoking
          Another reason for smokers to quit is the clear link between smoking and the emergence of gum disease. Your immune system is weakened by smoking, making it more challenging for you to fight off a gum infection. Smoking also makes it more challenging for your damaged gums to heal.

          8. Consume fresh fruits and veggies.
          Despite their apparent convenience, ready-to-eat foods may not be the healthiest for your teeth. The ideal option for your teeth is fresh, crunchy food because it contains more advantageous fibre. Parents should start their children off on more challenging meals early.

          9. Include fewer foods that are high in sugar and acid.
          Sugar eventually transforms into acid in the mouth, which can erode tooth enamel. These acids result in cavities. You may at least be cautious about your intake because tea, coffee, and acidic fruits can all erode teeth enamel.

          10. Schedule at least two annual dentist visits.
          Your daily habits have a big impact on your general dental health. Make sure to visit the dentist at least twice a year, for cleanings and exams. In addition to identifying current issues, your dentist will also check for cavities, and calculus, and propose remedies.

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            Meet with our dentist to discuss your options.​

            We will gladly conduct an examination to determine if you require dental treatment at Dr Dabas Dental Clinic. Please contact our dental clinic at 9319339475 for more information on dental health.

            How to know if you need dental braces?

            Dental Braces image
            Have you ever questioned if you require braces or if is there right age to visit an orthodontist?

            While you might wonder if there are any alternatives to dental braces, did you realise that braces are worn for more than just aesthetic purposes? Patients frequently have braces because they have a typical orthodontic issue that is adversely affecting their dental health.

            Not certain if you require braces, how long I have to wear braces or is there any risk to dental braces?

            We at Dr Dabas encourage you to weigh both advantages and disadvantages of dental braces and schedule your free consultation to decide whether any treatment is required.

            How to know if you need dental braces and why to choose Dr Dabas– the best orthodontist clinic in Gurgaon

            Visibly crooked teeth: Because it is challenging to adequately brush or floss every day, the mouth is more susceptible to cavities. Food often gets stuck between teeth, leading to bad breath and gum issues. Dental braces can help you resolve this problem with the least amount of post-treatment maintenance.

            Teeth gaps: These often appear when the jaw bone size is greater than the size of the teeth. Gaps may lead to habits like thumb sucking and tongue thrusting. Food particles and plaque buildup between the teeth’s gaps make the gums more vulnerable to discomfort. The gaps can be readily addressed with inexpensive dental braces in Gurgaon from Dr. Dabas.

            Speech difficulties with bite problems: When the mouth is closed, the arrangement of the top and lower teeth is called the bite. An incorrect bite might cause problems with speaking. Additionally, this disorder causes unnecessarily excessive tooth wear. If left untreated, this can result in worn-down teeth becoming sensitive and making it difficult to eat hot or cold meals. Therefore, it is crucial that these issues are fixed with zero risk of dental braces.

            Chewing difficulty or dysfunction: Frequent tongue, cheek, or lip bites during chewing can also be a sign of misaligned teeth. It can occasionally be difficult to swallow food. The efficient chewing process is affected by misaligned teeth. These alignment problems do not resolve themselves and require braces to resolve the problem.

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              Call Team Dr Dabas if you’re exhibiting any of the aforementioned symptoms. Before recommending orthopaedic treatment, Dr Dabas will do an oral and face examination, digital x-rays, and a chat with you. To learn more about this and other advantages and disadvantages of dental braces.
              contact us by phone at 9319339475 or email right away, and we’ll do our best to assist you with all of your orthodontic requirements.

              Best🏅 dental clinic🦷 in Gurgaon and Delhi

              It can be challenging to schedule time for the maintenance of our teeth and mouths because work takes up the majority of our free time. With our smile makeover procedure at Dr Dabas, the leading dental clinic in Gurgaon, ensures that all of your dental concerns are addressed.

              Despite taking utmost care of your dental concerns, you might eventually encounter dental problems even if you take the greatest possible care of your teeth. At Dr Dabas, the best dental clinic in Gurgaon, in addition to helping you avoid pain, our treatments assist in resolving any issues and restoring the function and beauty of your teeth.

              The optimum oral health for patients is the aim of every procedure at Dr Dabas, the best dentist clinic in Gurgaon. Along with cutting-edge sterilising facilities and laboratories, our clinic is furnished with the most modern and sophisticated dental equipment available. The dental staff has a reputation for being the best in Gurgaon. They take all reasonable measures to make you feel at ease and comfortable both before and throughout the procedure once you enter the office. The dental team is dedicated and well-known for providing care of the highest calibre.

              Our COVID-19 readiness

              Dr Dabas, the top dentist in Gurgaon, upholds proper sterilisation and cleanliness standards in accordance with WHO regulations, act on ethical principles, and adhere to a stringent code of sterilisation. To stay up to date with safety procedures, our complete staff participates in frequent drills. Without fail, the entire clinic is thoroughly cleaned and fumigated on a regular basis. Protective equipment is given to each patient, and social distance rules are always upheld. Dr Dabas India dental clinic works to provide the safest dental care possible while considering the comfort of our patients.


              Dental Treatments at the top Dental Clinic in Gurgaon

              1. Modern facilities for improved care.

              2. To provide you with the ideal option, skilled dentists and surgeons are available.

              3. Dental specialists on staff that take care of all the little details of your care.

              4.You will receive a perfect dental treatment in a secure and sanitary setting.

              In order to provide you with a comprehensive oral healthcare experience, Dr Dabas is ideally situated in the thriving metropolis as the best dentist in Gurgaon. It is outfitted with cutting-edge dental technology and sophisticated facilities. We specialise in root canal procedures, all forms of crown fitting, digital smile design, full dental implants, full mouth rehabilitation, and much more. You always leave your treatments with a clear, bright smile on your face thanks to skilled dental exper


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                Wisdom tooth extraction recovery

                Wisdom tooth extraction recovery

                The final teeth to erupt in your mouth are your back molars, which are also referred to as wisdom teeth. They normally come in the age from 17 to 21 on the top and bottom of both sides. Many
                people lack the space in their jaws to fit wisdom teeth without also having to move their other teeth. This could result in several issues. Your dentist will probably advise a procedure or surgery to remove them if this occurs to you. The surgical and non-surgical wisdom tooth extraction recovery period following wisdom tooth removal can last up to a week, depending on your circumstances.

                On the day of your procedure

                The removal of wisdom teeth is an outpatient procedure, so you enter and leave the facility on the
                same day. You will probably awaken in the dentist’s chair if you undergo a procedure while under local
                anaesthetic. As you undergo surgical or non-surgical wisdom tooth extraction recovery, your mouth
                will gradually start to feel normal again. You will receive instructions on how and when to use
                prescription or over-the-counter medications.

                Long-term healing

                The average surgical or non-surgical wisdom tooth extraction recovery is three to four days. It can
                take a week to heal if your teeth were impacted or erupted at an odd angle.

                However, you can still get infected weeks after surgery since the surgical wound would not heal entirely
                for several months. So, take care of yourself and be alert for any warning symptoms.

                Do’s and Don’ts after wisdom tooth extraction 

                The day after wisdom tooth extraction, you can go back to your routine, but you should avoid any
                activity that might disturb your stitches or the blood clot covering your wound. This comprises, but is
                not restricted to:
                 Vigorous activity
                 Smoking, spitting, and straw-drinking

                Side effects of wisdom tooth extraction

                After wisdom teeth extraction, some discomfort, swelling, and bleeding in the area is typical.
                However, if you are experiencing severe pain or bleeding, you should call your dentist right once.

                By the third day following surgical or non-surgical wisdom tooth extraction recovery, your symptoms
                ought to be significantly better. Within a week, all discomfort and bleeding should be gone. Some
                issues might be symptoms of an infection or nerve injury.

                To prevent infections and problems, you must take proper care of your mouth when you come
                home. You will receive detailed instructions from your dentist or oral surgeon on how to properly clean
                and care for your mouth following surgery. This may be the one occasion when your dentist instructs
                you to skip a day of brushing, rinsing, and flossing.

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                  Dental Crown & Bridge treatment

                  If you are missing one or more teeth or have them damaged, your dentist might advise getting
                  artificial replacements. While both, dental implants and bridges with crowns attached work more
                  closely to real teeth.

                  Which alternative, however, between crown implants and bridges is best for you?

                  We will break down the similarities, differences, benefits, and drawbacks of these two fixed false tooth
                  solutions so that, even if you have a few false teeth, your smile will look as genuine as possible.

                  Crown and Bridge vs Implant

                  A dental restoration known as a crown or cap covers the visible tooth surface to strengthen or
                  beautify the tooth. A dental treatment called a bridge is used to replace one or more lost teeth. It
                  consists of a false tooth or teeth attached to crowns on either side to provide support. Crowns and
                  bridges come in a variety of materials and are meant to mimic the natural strength and contour of

                  A dental crown can be used to cover a person’s broken or rotting tooth or to replace a lost tooth by
                  placing it on top of a dental implant. Dental implants are surgically anchored metal fixtures that are
                  placed in your jawbone below the gum line.

                  Bridges are only used to replace lost teeth. They have a bridge of replacement teeth that rests in the
                  gum tissue where the missing teeth were, and two crowns, one on each end. The bridge’s end
                  crowns can be bonded to neighbouring teeth or fixed to dental implants by your dentist.

                  An implant is a fake tooth that is fastened to a titanium post that your dentist places in your
                  jawbone. Implants have a very realistic appearance. Additionally, dental implants assist in halting the
                  loss of jawbone density. When teeth are lost or removed, the jawbone shrinks over time, changing
                  the way our face looks and how we smile. When a new tooth is used to bite and eat, the implanted
                  tooth stimulates the jawbone, helping to prevent bone loss.

                  Whichever choice for a replacement tooth works best for you based on crown and bridge before and
                  after, can help you keep your dental health.

                  Your other teeth may start to rotate or move into empty spaces as a result of gaps in areas of loss,
                  which can lead to a poor bite. Crowns and bridges can last a lifetime with proper dental hygiene.
                  Visit Dr Dabas and get the best crown bridge teeth price to restore the damaged teeth and get your
                  smile in the best shape.


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                    Best tooth filling material

                    Even though you brush and floss daily to avoid cavities, tooth decay can still occur. Thankfully, cavities are simple to fix, while dental fillings are used to repair decay-damaged teeth’s structural integrity. But not every tooth filling is the same! Different types of dental filling materials are used in their construction, some of which are better for your mouth than others.

                    While applying the ideal tooth filling, the cavity-affected area of your tooth is cleaned and removed, and then a filling is applied to fill the hole or empty space left behind. In order to address cavities and decay, both temporary and permanent tooth filling materials are frequently employed. There are different types of dental fillings with distinct advantages best suited for patients who have cavities, and some of them include:

                    Composite Fillings

                    Acrylic resin and glass are used to create composite fillings. Composite filling materials are made specifically to closely resemble the teeth being filled and are tooth-coloured fillings. The composite material adheres directly to the tooth structure, giving the broken tooth additional support and strength.

                    Porcelain Ceramic Fillings

                    Porcelain is a component of ceramic fillings, making them strong and beautiful. Although ceramic fillings are more expensive, many people are willing to spend more for dental fillings that are aesthetically beautiful, stain-resistant, and safe.

                    Gold Fillings

                    With the right maintenance, gold fillings are extremely durable, non-corrosive, and can last up to 15 years. Nevertheless, they are significantly more expensive than silver amalgam fillings and need more than one dentist appointment to be properly placed.

                    Although it may be tempting to ignore a minor cavity in your mouth, cavities can seriously harm your dental health and have a number of adverse effects that can be fatal. If a cavity is not addressed, bear in mind that there may be serious pain and suffering from the rotting tooth, tooth abscess, difficulty eating, tooth loss, gingivitis, and gum disease.

                    The danger is not worthwhile!

                    Your oral health can be maintained, and your tooth can be saved with a permanent tooth filling material.

                    The ideal permanent tooth filling materials for your mouth depend on the state of your teeth, your preferences, and other considerations; there is no right or wrong answer for everyone. The top-notch staff at Dr Dabas is here to assist you in weighing your options and choosing the best course of action from the different types of dental fillings to restore the health of your teeth.

                    Make an appointment with Dr Dabas right now to safeguard your smile.

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