Have you ever questioned if you require braces or if is there right age to visit an orthodontist?

While you might wonder if there are any alternatives to dental braces, did you realise that braces are worn for more than just aesthetic purposes? Patients frequently have braces because they have a typical orthodontic issue that is adversely affecting their dental health.

Not certain if you require braces, how long I have to wear braces or is there any risk to dental braces?

We at Dr Dabas encourage you to weigh both advantages and disadvantages of dental braces and schedule your free consultation to decide whether any treatment is required.

How to know if you need dental braces and why to choose Dr Dabas– the best orthodontist clinic in Gurgaon

Visibly crooked teeth: Because it is challenging to adequately brush or floss every day, the mouth is more susceptible to cavities. Food often gets stuck between teeth, leading to bad breath and gum issues. Dental braces can help you resolve this problem with the least amount of post-treatment maintenance.

Teeth gaps: These often appear when the jaw bone size is greater than the size of the teeth. Gaps may lead to habits like thumb sucking and tongue thrusting. Food particles and plaque buildup between the teeth’s gaps make the gums more vulnerable to discomfort. The gaps can be readily addressed with inexpensive dental braces in Gurgaon from Dr. Dabas.

Speech difficulties with bite problems: When the mouth is closed, the arrangement of the top and lower teeth is called the bite. An incorrect bite might cause problems with speaking. Additionally, this disorder causes unnecessarily excessive tooth wear. If left untreated, this can result in worn-down teeth becoming sensitive and making it difficult to eat hot or cold meals. Therefore, it is crucial that these issues are fixed with zero risk of dental braces.

Chewing difficulty or dysfunction: Frequent tongue, cheek, or lip bites during chewing can also be a sign of misaligned teeth. It can occasionally be difficult to swallow food. The efficient chewing process is affected by misaligned teeth. These alignment problems do not resolve themselves and require braces to resolve the problem.

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